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TDECU September and October Volunteer Recap

Volunteering is a rewarding journey, and TDECU’s September and October initiatives have exemplified that spirit. 

TDECU September and October Volunteer Recap

Let us delve into the remarkable efforts and contributions made through various projects.

Undies for Everyone

Volunteers rallied around the “Undies for Everyone” campaign, ensuring that underprivileged communities received essential clothing. From sourcing to distribution, every step left a lasting impact, fostering dignity and confidence.

Read more about TDECU’s Undies for Everyone effort.

Power of the Purse

Power of the Purse highlighted the significance of economic empowerment for women. Volunteers helped put on a fundraising event, which raised funds to empower women to achieve financial independence and success.

Read more about TDECU’s Power of the Purse effort.

Center for Pursuit

Volunteers at the Center for Pursuit dedicated their time to supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their commitment to fostering inclusivity and providing care reflected a profound dedication to the community.

Read more about TDECU’s Center for Pursuit effort.

Brazoria County President’s Volunteer Service Award

Recognition for exceptional volunteerism through the Junior Achievement was celebrated through the Brazoria County President’s Volunteer Service Awards. It honored individuals whose dedication had a transformative effect on the community.

Read more about the employees recognized with the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

March of Dimes: Meals that Matter

Volunteers collaborated with March of Dimes for the “Meals that Matter” program, addressing food insecurity among pregnant women and children. This initiative showcased compassion and dedication to maternal and child health.

Learn more about how TDECU impacted the Meals that Matter program.

Banking Bingo at the University of Houston

Through Banking Bingo at the University of Houston, TDECU employees imparted crucial financial literacy skills to students. While making it entertaining through bingo and prizes, the interactive sessions ensured a fun learning experience, fostering responsible financial habits.

Read more about TDECU’s Banking Bingo event.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

The Sleep in Heavenly Peace project focused on providing beds to children in need. Volunteers contributed to building and distributing beds, ensuring a comfortable and safe sleep environment for children.

Read more about the employees who helped make the Sleep in Heavenly Peace campaign possible.

BridgeYear Career Test Drive at Bay City Junior High School

Volunteers collaborated with BridgeYear to support Brazos Support Academy and Bay City Junior High School students. TDECU funded the event with a $15,000 sponsorship. This event’s teachings played a pivotal role in shaping academic success and career readiness.

Read more about how TDECU impacted these young students’ future careers.

American Cancer Society Hope Lodge

At the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge, volunteers offered support and comfort to cancer patients and their families. Their compassion provided a home away from home during challenging times.

Read more about how TDECU volunteers helped alleviate some of the stress of cancer treatment.

DeLeon and Shields Elementary School Book Vending Machines

Installing a book vending machine at DeLeon and Shields Elementary Schools aimed to promote literacy among young learners. Volunteers contributed to fostering a love for reading among the students of Brazoria ISD.

Learn more about the impact of these book vending machines.

UH Student Athletes Financial Literacy Series

The UH Student-Athlete Financial Literacy Series equips students with essential financial skills crucial for their future. TDECU employees engaged in informative sessions, ensuring student athletes’ financial preparedness.

Learn more about how TDECU is impacting University of Houston Student-Athletes.

TDECU’s September and October volunteer initiatives exemplify the power of collective action in creating positive changes. These endeavors showcase the impact of volunteering and inspire others to contribute to meaningful causes.


  • What motivated volunteers to participate in these initiatives?
    • The volunteers were driven by a shared commitment to positively impact their community. Their dedication stemmed from a desire to contribute meaningfully to the communities that help them.

  • How were these initiatives beneficial to the communities involved?
    • These initiatives addressed various societal needs, ranging from education and healthcare to financial literacy and community support. They positively impacted individuals by providing essential resources and fostering growth.

  • What challenges did volunteers face during these projects?
    • While each initiative had unique challenges, volunteers displayed resilience in overcoming logistical hurdles and ensuring effective implementation to maximize their impact.

  • How did these initiatives align with TDECU’s values and mission?
    • TDECU’s commitment to community engagement and social responsibility was exemplified through these initiatives. They aligned with the institution’s ethos of making a meaningful difference.