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Mortgage Calculators

Understand your buying power and make sure you can afford your monthly mortgage payment

Try out our convenient calculators below, like our mortgage payment calculator that can help you estimate the cost of your monthly mortgage payments. Having this type of payment breakdown handy will help you have more productive discussions with your mortgage lender and realtor so you know exactly what kind of purchase price you are looking for. Need more help? Your TDECU mortgage team is here to assist you with the process every step of the way.

Understand home affordability with TDECU mortgage calculators.

Make sure your dream home comes with a home price you can afford.

There are all different kinds of home loans. From government subsidized FHA loans, to fixed-rate mortgages or adjustable-rate mortgages, there are many different mortgage loan options to consider. But, which loan type is right for you? When reviewing loan options, it is important to consider things like loan term, PMI, and interest rate. It is also important to note that factors such as your credit score may impact the terms of the mortgage loan that you may be offered. Other factors that will impact the total loan amount for your home as well as your monthly mortgage payment are factors such as closing costs, down payment amount, whether or not you are paying property taxes out of your escrow account, and more. Getting a clear picture of the total costs involved helps home buyers choose the right home and the right mortgage for them. 

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments many of us will ever make. Homeownership can be very rewarding, but signing on for a monthly payment that you cannot afford can turn your homeownership dreams into a nightmare. TDECU is here to help our credit union Members make sure that their home buying process goes smoothly. Whether you are getting ready to buy your first home or are upgrading to your forever home, we have the tools that you need to get started.

Applying for a home loan with TDECU just got easier!

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