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TDECU Stadium

TDECU Stadium

Proud to be part of the home team

A symbol of partnership

TDECU Stadium. We like the way that sounds, but even more, we like what it stands for: A partnership between TDECU and the University of Houston. TDECU does not simply do business in Texas—we are also proud to call Texas our home. We love the people; we love the music and the food, and we love our football, but most of all, we love what Texas has always been about: Independence. We want to create independence for our members. We want to help our members pursue their dreams, to better grow their own lives and the lives of those they love. We'll be side by side with the University of Houston as those dreams grow, and we couldn't be prouder.

Shared uncompromised values

We don't put our name on just anything. Our members and our communities understand that we live by a strong set of values that we refuse to compromise. So when you see TDECU's name side by side with the University of Houston, it speaks volumes. It says we share the same values, the same commitment to service and the same relentless mission to build and celebrate character and integrity in the community we love to serve.

More than 200,000 fans are expected to walk through the doors of TDECU Stadium each fall. That's a whole lot of people who share a passion for their team and pride in their community. These are traits that energize us, because they are the same traits that drive each employee at TDECU. With this great partnership comes great responsibility. That's a charge we don't take lightly, and we see it as our responsibility to reach new members and improve the lives of students, faculty, staff and alumni alike. We can barely contain our excitement to be a part of the Cougar family.

TDECU & University of Houston: rallying together for education

We understand what it's like to be a college student embarking on an academic and personal journey to independence and success. We also believe this is the perfect time to provide the financial tools and education students need to light the path to financial growth, stability, and freedom. That's why TDECU is committed to engaging with students, faculty, staff and all supporters of the academic community to bring the spirit of continuous education to everyone. And what better place to start than a highly-regarded Texas institution of higher learning?

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