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Loan Calculators

Estimate payments and plan ahead

There are many different loan types out there. From car loans, to student loans, to home mortgages, to personal loans and more. Loans can be a great tool to help you responsibly finance a want or a need. Every loan comes with different loan terms however, and it is important to do your research before taking out a loan of any kind. Financing a loan affects your credit report and while successful, on-time loan repayment can help your credit score, missing loan payments or going into default on a loan can damage your credit score leading to a bad credit rating.

Try out the TDECU loan calculators below!

Loan payment calculators and more

TDECU is here to support the Members of our credit union anyway that we can. We provide educational tools and resources such as the loan calculators found above so that our Members can make informed decisions when applying for any type of loan.

Our loan payoff calculator can help you determine how long it will take you to pay off your total loan balance based on the amount of your loan and the interest rate you qualified for. If you have good credit, you will likely qualify for lower interest rates, which can help keep your payments low.

You can also use our simple loan calculator to calculate your monthly payment. This is particularly useful for any type of loan such as a mortgage payment. Choosing a loan with a regular monthly payment amount that you can afford is very important so that you do not fall behind on your payments.

We also offer calculators that can help you understand how much faster you may be able to pay off your loan with extra payments. This is extremely beneficial for amortizing loans where you are paying off both principal and interest payments, such as home loans and car loans.

Our debt consolidation calculator can help you determine if a consolidation loan is right for you. Debt consolidation can be helpful when you have high interest loans on credit cards or other loan payments. Often a consolidation loan offers a lower fixed rate that can help you get out of debt sooner.
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