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TDECU Security and  Fraud Center

TDECU Security and Fraud Center

Learn how to safeguard your finances and bank with confidence

Transform your voice into your password

With Voice ID Verification, you can use your voice to verify your identity every time you call TDECU. Setup your unique voiceprint today and experience the difference:

  • Fast: Skip authentication questions next time you call us
  • More Secure: It is more difficult to replicate your voice
  • Easy: Call (800) 839-1154 to get started

Your financial security is our top priority

At TDECU, we work hard behind the scenes to protect your personal and financial information. Our teams are dedicated to not only making sure we have the latest security policies in place, but also to arming you with the right services to secure your accounts. We believe education and world class tools can significantly lower your risk of falling victim to identity theft and fraud.

We designed our Security and Fraud Center so you have a central location to learn more about our fraud protection services, as well as how to take action if you come across suspicious activity. If you are here because your noticed unauthorized activity on your account, or if you received a suspicious communication, please take one of the following actions:

Contact us to report fraud or any suspicious activity
– we are here to help

To dispute a transaction:

To report fraud:

To report a phishing attempt:

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