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Get paid early with direct deposit<sup>1</sup>

Get paid early with direct deposit1

Get your paycheck up to two days early. Plus, it's
safer and more convenient than paper checks.

No more waiting in limbo

With direct deposit, your payroll or other recurring deposits are automatically deposited into the account you designate. No more waiting for your hard-earned money to sit in limbo with a bank or a paper check to come in the mail. TDECU makes your money available as soon as your employer deposits it—this can often be up to two days before most banks make your funds available to you. Set up direct deposit today to get your paycheck up to two days sooner!

Plus, direct deposit reduces the risk of ID theft and mail fraud.

Direct deposit is easy to set up with your employer

Fill out our Direct Deposit Enrollment Form for paychecks or deposits that are not related to government agency pay, military pay, or benefit pay, such as:

  • Payroll
  • Retirement / pension
  • Annuity payments
  • Other regular deposits

Once complete, hand it over to your employer. It's that easy!

Looking for your Member Number?
To find your Member Number, you can log in to Digital Banking. Alternatively, you may locate your Member Number on your monthly account statement or stop by any TDECU Member Center location for assistance.

Employed by the government? Setting up direct deposit for government pay is easy too

Government agency pay

Use the Standard Form 1199A for agency pay or GoDirect if you receive benefit payments from the Federal Government for:

  • Social Security
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Veterans Affairs Benefits & Insurance Pay
  • Railroad Retirement
  • Civil Service Retirement

Additional information:
GoDirect FAQ

Military pay

Use MyPay if your paychecks are for:

  • Active duty military service pay
  • Reserve military pay
  • Military retirement pay
  • Department of Defense (DoD) pay
  • Defense finance and accounting services pay

Additional information:
DFAS How-To-Video Playlist

Get paid early with direct deposit

Fill out your direct deposit form and provide it to your employer to get started.
1 Faster access to funds is based on a comparison of traditional banking policies and deposit of paper checks from employers and government agencies versus deposits made electronically. Direct Deposit and earlier availability of funds are subject to payer’s support of the feature and timing of payer’s submission of deposits. We generally post such deposits on the day they are received which may be up to 2 days earlier than the payer’s scheduled payment date. Exceptions may apply.
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