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TDECU proudly funded BridgeYear’s Career Test Drive at Bay City Junior High School with a $15,000 sponsorship

TDECU’s proud sponsorship of BridgeYear’s Career Test Drive at Bay City Junior High School with a $15,000 donation showcases its commitment to empowering students with real-world career experiences.

TDECU proudly funded BridgeYear’s Career Test Drive at Bay City Junior High School with a $15,000...

Career exploration is pivotal in shaping students’ futures and guiding them toward fulfilling professions.

What is BridgeYear’s Career Test Drive?

BridgeYear’s Career Test Drive initiative introduces 9th to 12th-grade students to hands-on exploration of various high-growth careers, specifically those not mandating a traditional four-year degree. This program aims to engage and inspire students by exposing them to diverse career pathways.

Benefits for Students

The sponsored Career Test Drive offers students immersive experiences, allowing them to delve into practical aspects of different careers. It opens their minds to various opportunities and encourages exploration beyond conventional career paths.

Sponsorship Impact

TDECU’s contribution significantly amplifies the educational experiences of Bay City Junior High School students. This sponsorship fosters an environment where students can expand their horizons and discover their potential in traditional, unconventional career avenues.

Career Exploration Experience

The Career Test Drive offers an interactive learning environment, providing students hands-on activities and discussions about different career trajectories. It encourages curiosity and helps students envision their future careers.

High-Growth Careers

High-growth careers encompass professions in sectors like technology, healthcare, and skilled trades. These careers are in demand and offer promising opportunities for growth and advancement in today’s evolving job market.

Facilitating Career Conversations

The program aids in developing essential career skills and understanding work lifestyles prevalent in various professions. Students engage in meaningful conversations about time commitments, necessary skills, and the characteristics required for different careers.

Testimonial Stories

Students who participated in past Career Test Drives share their experiences, highlighting the impact on their career aspirations. Additionally, educators emphasize the program’s significance in guiding students toward informed career choices.

TDECU’s Commitment to Education

TDECU has a rich history of supporting educational initiatives. This sponsorship further exemplifies their dedication to empowering communities through educational programs, aiming to build a brighter future for students.

Community Engagement

The collaboration between TDECU and BridgeYear signifies a commitment to community development. Their joint effort positively influences local education, creating a ripple effect that benefits the broader community.

TDECU’s proud sponsorship of BridgeYear’s Career Test Drive at Bay City Junior High School with a $15,000 contribution significantly influences students’ career exploration journeys. This initiative lays the foundation for a promising future workforce by fostering curiosity and providing diverse opportunities.

TDECU also partnered with True to Life Ministries and BridgeYear’s Career Test Drive to put on an event at Brazosport College with a $3,000 underwriter sponsorship.


  • How does TDECU’s sponsorship benefit students?
    • TDECU’s sponsorship allows students to access hands-on career exploration experiences, broadening their understanding of diverse career options and pathways.

  • What are some examples of high-growth careers?
    • High-growth careers span various industries such as cybersecurity, renewable energy, healthcare technology, and skilled trades like plumbers and electricians.

  • How does BridgeYear’s Career Test Drive engage students?
    • The program engages students through interactive sessions, discussions with industry professionals, and practical activities related to different careers.

  • What distinguishes this career exploration program from others?
    • BridgeYear’s Career Test Drive focuses on careers that do not require a four-year degree and provides a hands-on experience tailored to high school students.

  • How does TDECU prioritize community engagement through such sponsorships?
    • TDECU’s commitment to education extends to supporting initiatives that directly impact the community, empowering students to make informed career choices.