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How do I sign up for homeowners insurance in Houston?

Interested in signing up for homeowners insurance in the Houston area? TDECU Insurance Agency’s quote process is simple and fast. Try it today!

How do I sign up for homeowners insurance in Houston?

Whether you’re looking for your first home in the Houston area, or you’ve owned your house for a while, homeowners insurance is a necessity. For most people, the house they live in — even if they upgrade and downgrade through the years — remains their most important investment.

If you’ve been researching Texas homeowners insurance comparisons, you already know that homeowners insurance in Texas costs more than it does almost anywhere else in the country. Well, the good news is that TDECU Insurance Agency offers low cost homeowners insurance that doesn’t skimp on coverage. So if you’re in need of homeowners insurance, Houston, TDECU Insurance Agency has got your back. Here’s how you can sign up.

Signing Up for Homeowners Insurance in Houston

To sign up for homeowners insurance with TDECU Insurance, fill out their quote form. The form is straightforward and should take less than ten minutes to complete. There are six short sections:

  • Getting Started — In this section of the form, you will enter your name, email address, and zip code.
  • Property Information — In this section, you will list the address of the house you’d like to insure.
  • Property and Dwelling — Here, you will go into detail about your house’s materials, who lives there, whether or not you have a pool, how far it is to the closest fire department, etc.
  • Coverages — In this section, you select the amount of coverage you’d like, as well as the deductible amounts you desire.
  • Losses — In this section, you will enter any home loss information from previous claims.
  • Final Page — On the final page, you will add more specific contact information, the dates you would like your home insurance coverage to begin, and the like.

Once you’ve made it through the entire form, just click “Submit,” and a representative will get in touch with you about your quote.

About TDECU Insurance Agency

TDECU Insurance Agency has been offering insurance policies to homeowners and renters since 2008. While every insurance policy is unique, some of our insurance products and coverage areas include:

  • Liability coverage in case of accident or damage
  • Wind and flood coverage
  • Coverage for primary and secondary residences
  • Umbrella insurance

Because TDECU Insurance Agency is connected to Houston’s largest credit union, TDECU, customers can also look into other home-related financial services, including mortgage refinancing, home equity loans, and more.

Don’t get caught without the coverage you need. Sign up for TDECU homeowners insurance from TDECU Insurance Agency today.



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