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Refinance Your Mortgage Loan

Refinance Your Mortgage Loan

Your needs may change - TDECU is here to help
your mortgage change with them

Refinancing your mortgage can lower monthly payments, pay off your mortgage faster or get cash out for that project you've been planning.

If mortgage rates are falling or your home has dramatically appreciated in market value, you may want to look into refinancing your mortgage. With a cash-out refinance loan, homeowners can make better personal finance decisions, like making home improvements.

When should you consider refinancing your original mortgage?

What are the benefits of refinancing your mortgage loan?

Get a lower interest rate for the life of your loan

Get a lower interest rate for the life of your loan

Pay off your current loan faster

Pay off your current loan faster

Lower your payment

Lower your payment

Use your home equity to better manage debt

Use your home equity to better manage debt

Refinance your home mortgage rates:

Effective date: 09/26/2022

Refinance Your Home Interest Rate APR*
Conforming 30-Year Fixed Rate 6.88% 6.98%
Conforming 15-Year Fixed Rate 6.12% 6.53%
FHA 30-Year Fixed Rate 6.12% 7.63%

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Applying to refinance your mortgage with TDECU as your mortgage lender is easy and convenient. Apply online, or download our TDECU Mortgage Simplified app to your mobile device from the app store! Prefer to discuss in person? Schedule an appointment with a Mortgage Advisor.

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Mortgage refinance calculators:

Get estimations on the life of your mortgage loan, refinance rates, and more.

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