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Posted by on in Community Corner

Greetings from the nation’s capital where three of your TDECU board members and three staff members are attending the 2013 National Federal Credit Union (NAFCU) Congressional Caucus.  We are "Storming the Hill" on behalf of you, our members, to ensure that you will continue to get the benefits, products and services you deserve and have come to expect as a TDECU credit union member.

Our government is always discussing new legislation and greater regulations which will impact you as a credit union member. Many of these discussions result in rules that negatively affect credit unions and the services TDECU can provide, including our ability to offer great interest rates on loans and low or no fee accounts. Even as a Texas State Credit Union, we know how important it is to make sure your voices are heard loud and clear on Capitol Hill. That’s why we have joined with credit unions around the country to make sure the issues we face are known by our elected officials.

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With the Texas real estate market booming, and interest rates still low, you may be feeling that this is your best opportunity to jump into the purchase of an investment property. It is definitely an option worth thinking about right now, but in this kind of market you will have to move fast, so have your goals sorted out ahead of time.

Be Clear on What Type of Investment You Want

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Mid-year resolutions, anyone? In order to get into the mood of summer fun and relaxation, you need to be conscientious with the financial side of your life. Nothing makes a sunny day feel cloudier or a vacation more stressful than money worries. Sit back, pick up an icy glass of lemonade, and give yourself the gift of peace of mind by breaking these seven bad habits today:

1. Not looking at bills

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Posted by on in Improving Your Life

There was a time when couponing was widely associated with ladies holding up the line at a supermarket checkout while trying to dig up a 2¢-off coupon from the depths of their purses. Times have most definitely changed, as nowadays, people of all ages are turning to online coupon providers, including coupons available on mobile devices for daily discounts. So deep are some of the discounts, they can often mean the difference between having the ability to purchase an item or not.  What are the additional benefits of couponing, you ask?  Let’s take a look at the obvious reasons and one you may not have thought of. 

Hold on to More of Cash

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Posted by on in Auto Talk - Archive

Purchasing an automobile - whether it's your first car or you're upgrading to a new vehicle - is a major decision that you should never take lightly. Most consumers wrongly believe that the only, or at least the best way to purchase a car is either going directly to a dealership or through a private owner. While either of these options may yield great results, with the Internet you're not locked into a traditional way of shopping. Believe it or not, just as you would purchase a new computer or smartphone online, you can actually use online shopping sites to purchase your new vehicle. 

Let’s take a quick road trip and explore both traditional and alternative methods for purchasing a new automobile. 

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We welcome your thoughtful comments. Please review our Blog Guidelines before adding a comment.

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