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How Can I Get a Second Chance at Banking?

Are you trying to recover from past financial mistakes but keep getting turned away from banks? TDECU's mission is to help people navigate their financial journey; with that, we believe everyone deserves a second chance at banking. Find out how TDECU's Restart Checking Account can help you get back on your feet.

How Can I Get a Second Chance at Banking?

Financial institutions can be unforgiving when you have a history of financial challenges or mistakes, like bankruptcy or bounced checks. TDECU wants to give you a second chance at banking with our Restart Checking Account. Keep reading to find out how our Restart Checking account may be right for you.

What is a Restart Checking Account?

If you have dealt with an involuntary savings account or checking account closure, you may need help getting your foot back in the door of a bank or credit union. Financial institutions assess your risk as a bank customer by reviewing your banking history via ChexSystems, a consumer reporting agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Although many banks will shy away and deny you banking services if you have a less-than-perfect report, TDECU can often overlook those mistakes. We offer Restart Checking accounts specifically for individuals who have had difficulty opening or maintaining a standard checking account.

A Restart Checking Account can help you move away from prepaid debit cards and check cashing services and their steep fees and get back to using direct deposit, online bill pay, and your debit card.

This type of account may be right for you if:

  • You mismanaged past accounts and struggled with frequent overdrafts, high overdraft fees, unpaid negative balances, or involuntary account closures.
  • Your account applications are denied.
  • You are ready to take control of your finances and build a better banking history.

Review your ChexSystems report by requesting your free copy. Also, monitor your credit report by requesting your free reports from

Restart Checking Account Requirements

While you attempt to turn your finances around, you are still a risk to the financial institution. As a result, the requirements to open a Restart Checking account are more stringent than traditional accounts.

Restart checking account requirements include:

  • Member cannot owe negative balances on any TDECU account
  • Restart Checking has a monthly fee of $10.00
  • Account must be set up for Online Banking and Bill Pay
  • Account is not eligible for Remote Deposit Capture for 12 months
  • After 12 months of the account being open and in good standing, you will become eligible for other standard TDECU checking accounts

Do your research and look for accounts offering low or no monthly service fees, free ATM access and withdrawals, and low opening and minimum deposit requirements.

What Features Come with a Restart Checking Account?

Once you have established your account, you will have access to other standard account features.

  • Visa® Debit Card
  • Courtesy Pay overdraft protection (optional $200 protection after 60 days)
  • Access to 55,000+ surcharge-free ATMs
  • Free Online Banking, Mobile Banking, & Bill Pay
  • Free access to Member Care for any questions
  • Mobile Check Deposit (after 12 months)

TDECU’s Restart Checking Can Help You Get a Fresh Start

The right second-chance checking account can help you rebuild and restore your financial status, opening the door to loan and credit card approvals. At TDECU, we are in the business of improving lives. With a TDECU Restart Checking account, after just 12 months of the account being in good standing, you are eligible for higher-level checking accounts (upon request and review.)

We provide various options to help you get your finances back on track. Contact us today to learn more about our credit-builder loans.

Find information about improving your credit score and other credit-rebuilding tips in our Advice Center.