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No matter where you live, seasonal weather conditions affect your utility bills. This is largely due to the fact you use your utilities in unique ways in reaction to your environment. Now, as the summer months start ushering in longer and hotter days, and as you start planning your summer vacation, it may be time to re-evaluate how you can save the most money by keeping your utilities down. Luckily, there are some relatively simple ways you can save money on your electric and water bills this summer. 

Reduce Your Electricity Bill with These Helpful Hints

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So, you’ve just seen your young adult graduate from the four year intellectual adventure known as college. Congratulations! It’s a proud moment for both of you, one you should cherish for a lifetime. 

By now, your graduate would be all set to start a career and build a stable, successful life. But a rewarding career is just one aspect of a successful life. You also need financial security and literacy, which few colleges teach their students. It’s important that you sit down with your college graduate and have a frank discussion about financial matters to ensure a great beginning to this new, exciting phase of their lives.

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Last week my wife discovered that her smartphone had lost its mind. To be more precise, it kept locking up on downloads, that is, when the battery kept a charge long enough to download something. Funny how those devices seem to lose all steam the closer you get to that two-year contract expiration. Regardless, she had the phone for almost three years, and it was time. We stopped at the local wireless outlet (we make a lot of purchases online but like a lot of you, we prefer to hold the item in our hands and play with it before price-shopping) and she picked out a dandy. Then she started the next phase of the purchase- what to do with the old phone? At first she planned to recycle it, along with some other old electronics that we had sitting in the garage, at the city household hazardous waste facility, or with a recycling company that would pick up at the house. Then she decided to do more research about electronics recycling, and this is what she found out. 

As technology advances at an exponential rate, many of our cherished computing and mobile devices are quickly becoming obsolete. Beyond that, old computers, printers and cell phones break down and are no longer usable in your home or office. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we dispose of nearly 30 million computing and electronic devices every year. This includes everything from laptops to desktops to CRT monitors to outdated mobile phones and PDAs. 

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“You already have a brand. Your personal brand resides in the hearts and minds of those around you.”  - William Arruda, personal branding pioneer and founder of Reach Branding

In 2012 TDECU attended a military career fair where we were one of forty-plus employers. We are very passionate about supporting our Veterans, so this event was a perfect opportunity for TDECU to Improve Lives by hiring some amazing talent.  I was approached by one very eager candidate who shook my hand and spoke highly of TDECU. 

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Now that summer has truly arrived, you, your family and your friends are probably thinking of ways to have some fun in the sun. Since eating together is one of the most popular social events,  why not move the meal outdoors and have a picnic? It's one of the easiest ways to really celebrate the season. 

A successful picnic requires some thoughtful pre-planning, and you'll want to grab a pen & paper or your smart phone to record everything you'll need to bring along; aside from the grub and suds. 

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We welcome your thoughtful comments. Please review our Blog Guidelines before adding a comment.

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