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As tax filing time approaches, you may find yourself thinking about last-minute ways to reduce your tax obligation for 2013. Contributing to your Traditional IRA is one great way to plan for a comfortable future while at the same time, if eligible reducing your current tax burden. And, conveniently, you have until tax day, April 15, to make that contribution and have it count as a deduction for 2013. Here is a basic overview of what you need to know about IRAs:

What is an IRA?

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The countdown to the world’s largest live entertainment and livestock exhibition known as the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ has officially kicked-off.  With a record-high attendance last year of over 2.5 million, it is a celebration of our diverse Western heritage and a must-see at Reliant Park beginning March 4th.

All of the great fun and affordable family entertainment that this Texas-sized event delivers is designed to encourage better agricultural production in Texas, while supporting thousands of students with educational funding.  In 2014, Show scholarships and grants will total over $24 million, and since it’s inception in 1932, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has supported students with over $350 million in scholarships.

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A new year, a new beginning − with New Year’s Eve memories barely fresh on anyone’s mind anymore, it’s still nice to reminisce about memorable times from last year. And while maybe not considered “fun” in one sense of the word, this is the time of year when we are still talking about the courage we have mustered up to try and resolve to do something better., 

We are all well-intentioned, but we are also likely to have already abandoned some (or all) of the resolutions on our 2014 list. But, there’s no need to panic or get down. Put away the bag of chips. Pull yourself out from underneath the bed covers. Take a deep breath, a step forward and take into consideration the following ideas for tackling  those resolutions head on (one more time)!

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With tax season right around the corner, it’s a perfect time to start making plans. Although many individuals and businesses wait until the first of April to start attacking those tax returns, the best thing to do is prepare ahead of time. In fact, several financial planners often recommend to their clients that a good New Year’s Resolution is to start working on tax returns at the beginning of the New Year.

Set Aside Time

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One of the features of Texas that our family enjoys is the abundance of trails and wildlife. Where we live, in a residential development bordered by a greenbelt canyon and a National Wildlife Preserve, the trails are used by walkers, runners, and mountain bike riders. And by little dogs who love to chase lizards, swim in the creek, and lay down stretched out in the tributaries which magically appear after a heavy rain. 

Usually, my walks with Bandit find me in front with her dogging my heels, as though she’s thinking, “If there’s any danger, you’ll discover it first.” She stops every time I do, with her front paw suspended in the air and her ears alert, and then she moves on with me, a step behind. Fortunately, that habit stood her in good stead just at dawn one morning as we made our way down the canyon.

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We welcome your thoughtful comments. Please review our Blog Guidelines before adding a comment.

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