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Should you get the TDECU Business Platinum Mastercard®?

Considering a small business credit card? TDECU’s Business Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card has no annual fees or cash advance fees, plus plenty of perks.

Should you get the TDECU Business Platinum Mastercard®?

If you own and run a small business, it can be difficult to know whether or not you need to get a small business credit card. For some business owners, the added security and flexibility of a business credit card for startups or other new ventures makes the decision to get a business credit card an easy one. Others aren’t so sure.

Getting a small business credit card, however, is important to most businesses’ success. Small business credit card advantages include:

  • Improved cash flow flexibility for cardholders
  • Easy separation of personal finances and business expenses
  • Simplified employee spending tracking, especially with employee cards
  • Accurate, digital record-keeping
  • Points and rewards, including cashback rewards
  • And more

But deciding to get a credit card is easier than deciding what business credit card to get. With so many options, how are you to choose the best small business credit card out there?

Introducing the Business Platinum MasterCard from TDECU — one of the best business credit cards you can get

The Business Platinum card from TDECU makes it easy for you and your employees to make business purchases exactly when your business needs them. Whether you’ll use it mostly for travel expenses, warehouse or office supplies, or in emergency situations, the credit card offers flexible terms that you can control, so spending limits can stay within your budget and parameters.

TDECU’s Business Platinum MasterCard provides plenty of perks for small business owners, too. You can use it to buy just about anything from just about anywhere: office supply stores, airport lounges, Amazon gift cards, hotel chains like Hilton, your favorite local Houston restaurant, and more — you'll even get an extended warranty on most purchases.

There's more. As a sign-up bonus, you'll get an introductory APR of 0% for six months on purchases and cash advances, plus an intro APR of 0% for 12 months on all balances transferred from other credit cards. You can save $.10 a gallon when you use the card at Buc-ee's gas stations. There’s no annual fee. There’s no balance transfer fee. There’s not even a fee when you’re over your limit, when you need a cash advance, or when you’re converting currency. Credit cardholders also receive travel rewards that include $500,000 in travel accident insurance and baggage delay insurance. We even make your accountant’s life easier with a year-end charge summary that outlines spending categories and free online account access with bill pay.

Applying for a TDECU Business Platinum Credit Card

Completing a business credit card application is very similar to opening up a checking account. You'll need to provide the credit card issuer with information, including your business name, birthdate, TIN, and social security number. Your creditworthiness, which is based on your credit history (also known as your personal credit score), will be checked through a credit bureau like Experian, which will issue a credit report. That credit report will determine whether or not you qualify.


Apply now for the Business Platinum MasterCard from TDECU, and help your small business grow.

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