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Fraud Center

Tips, tools and advice to avoid fraud

Fraud Prevention Features & Tools

At TDECU, protecting the assets of our Members is our highest priority. TDECU uses world-class tools and systems to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. Below are tools and features we offer to help secure your accounts.

Compromised Debit Card?

If your TDECU VISA® Debit Card has been lost or stolen, or your account has been compromised, it is important to immediately report the fraud to us.

By taking the steps to report the fraud, we can begin working to restore your finances.

  1. Complete a Fraud Affidavit online or by visiting a Member Center or by calling Member Care at 800-839-1154.
  2. Upon completion and submission of the form, you will receive a copy of your electronically signed debit card fraud affidavit via email.
  3. A TDECU representative will contact you within 10 business days to finalize your fraud claim.

You may also complete a fraud affidavit by calling Member Care at (800) 839-1154, by visiting any Member Center or by writing to TDECU.

Compromised Credit Card?

If your TDECU credit card has been lost or stolen, or your account has been compromised, it is important to immediately report the fraud.

To report fraud on a TDECU credit card, please contact:

Never Share Your Online/Mobile Banking Credentials

Criminals may offer to deposit large sums of money into your account in exchange for your Online/Mobile Banking username and password. These are scams designed to drain your account. Never give out your Online/Mobile Banking credentials.

PIN-Based Fraud is on the Rise

Authorities report fraud using a PIN (personal identification number) is becoming more prevalent. Here are a few simple tips you can use to protect your PIN.

  • TDECU will never contact you by phone or email asking for your PIN.
  • Choose a PIN that is not obvious. Don’t use years, phone numbers or addresses.
  • Have a weak PIN? Change it by calling 855-898-7287.
  • Need ideas for a stronger PIN? Most keypads have letters, so you can translate a 4-letter word into a strong PIN.
  • Make sure you don’t use the same PIN for multiple cards.
  • Never share your PIN with anyone. You never know what can happen.
  • Use your hand to block the view of cameras and other people when you enter your PIN.
  • Never write your PIN on the card. It is best to never write your PIN down at all.
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