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File a Dispute

Report inaccurate transactions on your TDECU account

How to dispute an authorized but inaccurate transaction on your TDECU account

If you initiated a transaction with a merchant that resulted in an inaccurate charge to your TDECU account, you may need to dispute the transaction. A dispute may arise for several reasons, including being charged more than once for the same purchase, not receiving the purchased products or services, or being charged the incorrect amount.

Reporting the dispute to TDECU

Dispute an authorized but inaccurate DEBIT CARD transaction

  • For authorized but inaccurate debit card transaction disputes, please complete our online form or visit your local Member Center.
  • Please contact us to dispute your transaction within 2 business days of becoming aware of the inaccurate transaction to limit your liability.
  • Debit card disputes are reviewed and sent to Visa® within 10 business days.

Dispute CREDIT CARD transactions

  • If you need to dispute a transaction on your TDECU credit card, please call (888) 918-7341.

Dispute a ZELLE® transaction

  • To dispute Zelle® transactions using TDECU Zelle services, please complete our online form or visit your local Member Center.

TDECU will work to try and resolve this dispute on your behalf. If you have any supporting documentation as to why you are disputing this transaction, please provide a copy to help TDECU with this process. This documentation may include receipts, letters, or email communications with the merchant regarding the transaction. If you have any of these, please submit them with your dispute form.

When should I dispute a transaction?
These transactions be disputed:
  • Incorrect amount charged for a purchase, including duplicate transactions
  • Transaction was cancelled but the merchant still charged your account
  • Services or products were faulty or never received
These transactions cannot be disputed:
  • Food orders that are incorrect, not prepared correctly, or unsatisfactory
  • Salon visits, such as for nails or hair
  • Cleanliness of hotel or motel rooms
  • Lack of hotel or motel amenities
  • Verbal agreements for services
  • Trial memberships when cancellation agreements were not followed or documented

Contact us to report inaccurate or unauthorized transactions or any suspicious activity
– we are here to help

To dispute an authorized but inaccurate transaction:

For debit cards:

Use the TDECU Dispute Form

For credit cards:

Call (888) 918-7341

To report an unauthorized transaction on your account:

For debit cards:

Use the TDECU Fraud Affidavit

For credit cards: 

Call (888) 918-7341

To report a phishing attempt on your account: