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Voice ID Verification (VIV)

Voice ID Verification (VIV)

Your voice, your password

Meet VIV — a safer way to verify your identity

Just like your fingerprint is unique, your voice is too. With Voice ID Verification — or VIV — you can use your voice to verify your identity every time you call TDECU. VIV is an easier, faster, and safer way to authenticate yourself, when you bank over the phone.

We know we ask the hard questions to verify your identity when you call. We do this to protect your accounts from potential bad actors. But we also know not everyone will remember where they lived 5 years ago or the make and model of the car they drove while at that address. With VIV, you can skip the questions! This state-of-the-art technology analyzes over 100 vocal characteristics to create your unique voiceprint.

Voice ID Verification (VIV) Features

Similar to a fingerprint, VIV uses your unique voiceprint to verify you—so it’s easy, fast and secure.



Create your unique voiceprint
next time you call us



Skip the authentication questions and quickly speak to a Member Care Specialist



Bad actors can guess your passwords, but they can’t replicate your voice

Voice ID Verification allows us to verify you by the sound of your voice. Next time you call TDECU, we will create your unique voiceprint from more than 100 vocal characteristics, such as pitch and accent.

TDECU Voice ID Verification Frequently Asked Questions

What is VIV?

VIV – or Voice ID Verification – is a security feature that verifies your identity by the sound of your voice when you call TDECU Member Care. VIV is an easier, faster, and safer way to authenticate yourself, making it easier to bank over the phone.

Do I have to pay to use VIV?

VIV is a free service. Voice ID Verification is an important security feature that we want all our Members to use when reaching out to us by phone.

How can I begin using the Voice ID Verification service?

Enrolling is easy! Next time you call us, we can begin creating your unique voiceprint in a matter of minutes.

Will VIV still work if I have a cold?

Yes. Our state-of-the-art technology analyzes more than 100 vocal characteristics, and few are affected by a cold.

What if I call TDECU and VIV doesn’t work?

VIV is a reliable service, but if you have problems authenticating using your voice, we can verify your identity with a series of security questions.

Can I opt out of the Voice ID Verification (VIV) service?

At TDECU, the safety and security of you and your accounts are our top priority. The VIV service is the latest technology available to ensure your identity when handling your accounts over the phone. Therefore, we do not allow Members to opt-out.

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