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TDECU Savings Accounts

Compare our savings accounts and choose the one for you.

As Benjamin Franklin said, "A penny saved is a penny earned." Follow his advice, set aside a bit of money on a regular basis and stay on the path to financial success. Saving is the key to building wealth, but there’s another benefit: when unexpected expenses or changes in personal income arise, it's good to know you have enough saved up to weather the storm.

When you open a Savings Account, your initial $5.00 deposit initiates your membership benefits and makes you an owner, with annual voting privileges and access to favorable rates on loans and deposits. A Club Savings account is an additional savings account available to all existing members, and since it is not a membership account, there is no initial or minimum deposit amount. Many members use Club Savings to save for a special occasion, a holiday, or emergency expenses.

Compare Savings Accounts

Index Share Savings Club Savings
Open if you are: a new TDECU Member an existing TDECU Member
Minimum required deposit $5.00 None
Minimum monthly balance required $5.00 None
Monthly service charges None None
Interest pay Compounded and paid monthly Compounded and paid monthly
Free online banking available Yes Yes

Federal regulations limit the number of transfers/withdrawals from a savings account to six per calendar month via fax, telephone, online, ACH, or overdraft. You may transfer/withdraw as often as you like in person, via mail or messenger, ATM, or to pay loan payments.

Fees could reduce earnings on accounts.

Refer to TDECU’s Account Information & Truth in Savings Brochures for additional terms and conditions.

Open a savings account

We want you to be successful in saving

We know that saving money can be a difficult habit to establish, and our goal is to make it as simple and effective as possible for all of our members. That’s why TDECU gives you the innovative products and great service an owner deserves. Use our savings calculators to plan your savings strategy and goals.

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