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Security Awareness: Mobile Banking Security Tips

Your mobile banking app and accounts are well worth protecting. Take a few minutes to learn more with our mobile banking security tips.

Security Awareness: Mobile Banking Security Tips

Life has us all on the move, between work, play, family, and friends. That is why mobile banking is such an amazing and essential tool to help you keep on track with your finances no matter where you are. You can deposit checks, transfer funds, open accounts, and more - all with devices that fit in the palm of your hands!

As convenient as mobile banking is, neglecting to take the proper steps to protect your mobile banking app and accounts can put you at risk for fraud and identity theft. Fortunately, it is easy to enjoy mobile banking safely by following these security tips:

Mobile Banking App. Use the TDECU mobile app whenever possible. You can download the TDECU Digital Banking app from the Apple or Google Play store.

Build a strong password. The strongest passwords are abbreviated sentences or phrases you will remember but someone else will not be able to guess. Avoid using birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestone dates. Use combinations of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Use a unique password for each account and site you use, and never share it with anyone. Consider using a password manager, which can aid with managing the different passwords.

Customize your username. You were assigned a default username when you enrolled in TDECU Digital Banking. Customize your username to something unique and memorable to you, but that is hard for a criminal to guess.

Enable multi-factor authentication. Anytime it is available, enable this feature. This requires your identity to be verified each time a new device accesses your account. With this extra security step, you may be required to answer a security question or receive a passcode at a previously verified method of contact. If using the mobile app, consider using facial recognition or fingerprint technology to secure access to your account(s).

Avoid public Wi-Fi. Never use a public Wi-Fi network to conduct your mobile banking transactions. These networks are not secure and can allow your personal information to be intercepted by criminals if you use them to log into accounts or while making online purchases.

Be aware of phishing. Phishing is one of the most common methods used by criminals to compromise personal information. If you receive an unsolicited text message or email asking you to log in to your account, do not click any links in the message and use the mobile app or the TDECU website to access your accounts.

Be cautious. The biggest key to success for scam artists is human error. Criminals use urgent language and threats of financial loss to convince their victims to hand over usernames, passwords, account numbers, and other personal information. Always approach unsolicited contact from anyone claiming to be with a financial institution with suspicion. Even if the caller ID seems to verify who they are, hang up and call the institution using a phone number you can independently verify.

Taking these simple steps can help you protect your accounts, avoid financial loss, and spare you from the headache of falling victim to financial fraud. Learn more about staying safe online by visiting our Security and Fraud Center.