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Why Consumers Should Look to Credit Unions for Stability

Considering recent news about a few regional bank failures, it’s completely natural for you to wonder about the security of your deposits and investments.

Why Consumers Should Look to Credit Unions for Stability

The failure of Silicon Valley Bank – followed by a handful of others – has caused consumers to take a second look at where they are placing their trust. The American banking system is under the microscope, and it’s becoming clear that investors should become more familiar with the safeguards and security of their banking institutions.

“TDECU doesn’t make risky investments, and for more than a year we have been taking steps to ensure we don’t have significant exposure to below-market loans. We are standing on solid ground.”

- Michael Plaia, Chief Risk Officer

Consumers are asking:

  • Is my money safe?
  • Are my deposits insured?
  • How can I find out about my bank’s current stability?
  • How do I choose a financial institution that is stronger and safer than others?

The truth is not every financial institution is the same. It’s important to know how your bank or credit union handles your money and takes fiduciary responsibility.

At TDECU, we want you to ask these questions and more. Members can feel comfortable about the safety of their money now and in the future for several distinct and important reasons.

5 Reasons TDECU Is a Great Option Now

1) We are careful managers of our Members’ deposits. At TDECU, we judiciously manage a portfolio of over $4.7 billion to mitigate and manage risk, giving us a strong foundation for the future of all our Members. Ask your banking or credit union associate about the details of how they manage deposited funds. It is your right to know how they are safeguarding and growing your money.

2) We have a diverse, healthy balance sheet. TDECU focuses primarily on consumer deposits and a lower-risk investment strategy. In contrast, the regional banks that have been investigated during the recent upset had unique, concentrated customer bases and balance sheets that relied heavily on large commercial deposits and a higher-risk investment strategy. For example, Silicon Valley Bank’s services focused heavily on startups in the tech industry.

3) We are a not-for-profit, Member-owned cooperative. With more than 382,000 Members, TDECU makes business decisions with Members in mind, not based on pressure from shareholders. We use our revenue to benefit our Members by offering market-leading products that are safe and steadfast.

4) We are people helping people. Since 1955, we’ve been committed to helping people on their financial journey. Our people-focused strategy provides a broad base of accounts that support our stability and make us much less likely to falter during major market fluctuations or regulatory change in the industry.

5) We are a Member of the National Credit Union Administration. This means individual depositors are federally insured up to $250,000 each. Visit to learn more about the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.


“The recent crisis impacting certain portions of the financial sector should not concern those who have entrusted TDECU with their money,” said President and CEO Isaac Johnson. “The combination of our diverse Member base – and judicious management of deposited funds – has given us a strong foundation for the future.”

Products That Provide Stability in an Uncertain Market

During uncertain times, we encourage you to ask questions and explore the investment options available to you. We can provide expert guidance and a wide variety of safe and secure investment products and options that will help you reach your goals. Among our many products and services, you may want to consider:

We Can Help

Whether you are a current Member or are looking for a financial services home, you can count on TDECU to be there with answers. Check out our TDECU Help Center or talk to one of our experienced financial specialists about the products and advantages of TDECU membership at (800) 839-1154.

Looking for more investment advice? Talk to one of our knowledgeable wealth advisors.