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Security Awareness: Identifying and Reporting Suspicious Activity

At TDECU, we want our Members to feel assured we are keeping their accounts and information safe.  

Security Awareness:  Identifying and Reporting Suspicious Activity

However, there is so much value in staying informed and learning about what extra precautions you can take to further protect your information. 

Increasing Online Security 

Find comfort in safety. It is important to stay cautious when browsing the internet and making purchases. Even on trusted websites where you have set up an account, you need to be mindful of ways to enhance your security online. Gain peace of mind by setting up purchase alerts to detect fraudulent activity, update passwords to be stronger and unique, and enable multi-factor authentication for even more protection of your financial information. 

Spot Common Scams  

To prevent identity theft, it is important to stay informed of possible phishing scams. We recommend installing security software onto any computer device and constantly backing up your data. Keeping all devices up to date is a great way to detect threats.  

Filing a Dispute and Reporting Fraud

We are here for you. If you suspect any suspicious or fraudulent activity on your account, report the transaction immediately or within two business days of noticing the activity. Some important and proactive steps to take would be to contact the credit bureaus to place a fraud alert on your profile and to file an identity theft report with local law enforcement and the Federal Trade Commission.  

It’s important you know we will never ask for any personal information when reaching out to you. If, by any chance, you come across a suspicious call, text, or email from TDECU, even if you acted on it, we encourage you to report it. You can notify us at or call us at (800) 839-1154.  

Social Media  

It is also important for you to reach out to us directly via email, phone, or by visiting a Member Center. It can be easy to reach out to us via social media; however, contacting your financial institution online is not always the safest option. You shouldn’t share your personal information or details of a situation online, as hackers may see your post and find your account easily accessible.  

Staying Informed 

Here at TDECU, we take pride in protecting our Members’ information with state-of-the-art systems and technology like Falcon Fraud Protection and EMV Chip Cards. Falcon Fraud Protection has a bird's-eye view of account activity and will immediately contact you via call or text if it notices any unusual activity. It will even block your card account. Make sure to keep all personal contact information up to date on your TDECU Digital Banking profile.  

In Conclusion

Stay on the safe side! Being proactive in protecting your financial information is a great way to avoid any threats or fraud. Make the most of the security features offered, and don’t hesitate to report any suspicious activity you notice. We are here to help. Learn more about how to identify the most common scams and how to report activity if needed. Check out our Security and Fraud Protection blog articles for additional security awareness information and tips!

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