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How to Reset Your TDECU Digital Banking Password

Users of TDECU Digital Banking must be able to quickly access their accounts and, if required, regain their login credentials. TDECU has introduced a self-service tool that enables customers to unlock or recover their username straight from the login page. You can incorrectly attempt to log in to your account up to five times before being shut out.

How to Reset Your TDECU Digital Banking Password

If You Are Locked Out

You can unlock your accounts in two different methods. The first method is to unlock your account using the Unlock Username Form immediately. The second way is to wait an hour after your last attempt and try again. To do this, you must provide the same information as on the self-service form. To access this service, you must click the "Unlock/Forgot Username" button on the bottom right of the login screen. On a subsequent form, you must provide your member number, last name, date of birth, social security number, and locked username.

If You Need to Reset Your Password

In addition to the self-service feature for unlocking or recovering a username, TDECU Digital Banking can also reset your password. To reset a password, click the "Forgot Password" button below the login button on You will need to enter your username (either your member number or a username you have selected) and will receive a secure code to verify your identity. Once you submit your secure access code, you can create a new password.

Overall, TDECU Digital Banking strives to make it easy for you to access your accounts and recover your login information if necessary. The self-service feature for unlocking or recovering a username and the password reset feature provide you with the tools you need to access your accounts at any time securely. Keep an eye out for new TDECU Digital Banking features coming soon!