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Security Awareness: Customizable Digital Banking Account Alerts

TDECU Digital Banking gives you the ability to customize alerts we will send to you via text, call, secure message, or email. These alerts will keep you in the know about your account activity – so you can take action to access new deposits or to guard against low balances, unusual activity, and fraud.

Security Awareness: Customizable Digital Banking Account Alerts

You already know that digital banking is an essential tool to help manage your finances on the go. One of the best features of digital banking is the ability to set up customizable alerts for almost any type of activity. Setting up alerts based on your preferences is a great way to stay on top of fraudulent or suspicious activity as it occurs. Take a look at the different types of customizable alerts and how they can protect your account:

Security Alerts

These alerts can notify you when an incorrect password is entered or when your password has been changed. If you receive an alert notifying you an incorrect password was entered or that your password was changed and you did not perform these actions, this is suspicious activity. Security alerts can help you catch these suspicious activities, giving you time to contact us before fraudulent activity occurs.

Online Transaction Alerts

This alert will happen when an external transfer, funds transfer, or stop payment takes place. If you receive this alert but did not issue any of these types of transactions, you can look at your account to see what might be happening. If you do not recognize a request and believe the activity to be fraud, contact Member Care at (800) 839-1154.

Account Alerts

You will receive an alert when your account balance drops below or exceeds a specified dollar amount. In the event of a successful phishing attempt where the scammer has access to your account and uses your funds, you will receive an alert when a transaction occurs if it causes your account to fall below your predetermined threshold amount.

History Alerts

You will receive an alert when there is a debit or credit to your account, or when a transaction occurs that fits a specified description. These alerts can be helpful in identifying fraudulent activity if you did not warrant specific activity on your account.

How to Set up Digital Banking Alerts

  • Sign in to Digital Banking
  • Select Settings, then Alerts
  • Select New Alert

Taking additional precautions to protect your account with these alerts may help you in the event of fraudulent activity or a phishing attempt. Learn more about staying safe online by visiting our Security and Fraud Center.