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Pedals of Joy: Wrapping Up Build a Bike 2023 with Heart and Hustle

On an early December morning, more than a dozen TDECU volunteers traded their usual routines for wrenches and wheels. 

Pedals of Joy: Wrapping Up Build a Bike 2023 with Heart and Hustle

Their mission? To assemble over 100 bikes and scooters, ensuring a memorable Christmas for children in Brazoria County. This was not just about putting together bikes; it was about building dreams and delivering joy to families in need. The cool air was filled with laughter and teamwork, a testament to the community spirit that drives TDECU and its members.

The Brazoria County Dream Center's Dream Gifts program was the heart behind this initiative. With a goal to bring the magic of Christmas to every family it touches, the program promised to serve over 1,300 youth this year. Thanks to TDECU's generous $10,000 sponsorship, 115 bikes were ready to go to eager young riders. This gesture not only fulfilled wish lists but also symbolized the credit union's commitment to making a difference in the community it serves.

Leading with Passion: A Spotlight on Kristina Booth

Behind every successful event is a leader with vision and dedication. TDECU's own Kristina Booth serves as a lead for the Dream Gifts Program, which includes TDECU's Build a Bike. Kristina's enthusiasm for the Dream Gifts program was infectious, inspiring volunteers and community members. Her organizational skills and passion were the driving forces that brought the event to life, ensuring every detail was perfect. Individuals like Kristina remind us that one person's dedication can spark a wave of community action.

The Brazoria County Dream Center has been a beacon of hope since 2010, with the Dream Gift program enriching lives since its inception. Bikes have been a part of their mission since 2012, thanks to the vision of CEO Terri Willis. This initiative brings joy and supports families facing economic challenges, making the holiday season a bit brighter for everyone involved.

More Than Just Bikes: TDECU's Ongoing Commitment

TDECU's involvement with the Brazoria County Dream Center extends beyond the holiday season. Through its support of programs like Backpack Buddies, the credit union helps provide nutritious snacks and meals for children facing food insecurity. This year-round commitment to the community underscores TDECU's dedication to making a tangible difference in its Members' and neighbors' lives.

The Build a Bike event is a powerful reminder of what we can achieve when we come together for a common cause. It is not just about the bikes or the scooters; it is about the smiles, memories, and hope such initiatives bring to children and their families. TDECU's partnership with the Brazoria County Dream Center is a shining example of how businesses can contribute meaningfully to their communities.

Riding Into the Future

As we wrap up Build a Bike 2023, we are reminded of the power of community, generosity, and action. TDECU's commitment to Brazoria County and beyond shines brightly, fueling initiatives that make a real difference. It is a call to action for all of us to find ways to contribute, to give back, and to spread joy. Here's to more moments of magic, more opportunities for impact, and a future where every child feels the thrill of riding their own bike. Together, we are not just building bikes; we are building brighter futures.

Thank you to every volunteer, supporter, and dream maker who made Build a Bike 2023 a resounding success. Your efforts have brought smiles to children's faces and laid down the tracks for a tradition of giving that grows stronger with each passing year.