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Articles tagged with "Personal Finances"

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What's a Good Debt to Income Ratio (DTI) for a Car Loan?
January 26, 2022
Looking for a car loan? Learn more about debt-to-income ratio and how it might affect getting a vehicle loan with this blog post from TDECU.
6 Things to Do Before Buying a Home
January 25, 2022
If you are thinking about buying your first home, plan now. It takes time and effort to find the perfect home and get the best rate on your mortgage.
How Does the Decline in New Car Inventory Affect New Car Loans?
January 21, 2022
Fewer new cars in stock means higher prices, which can affect your auto loan options. See how this might affect your next auto loan and how TDECU can help.
So You Want a New Car. Is Now a Terrible Time?
January 18, 2022
Is now a good time to buy a new car? TDECU offers low interest rates on new car loans and partner dealers to help find the right car for you.
How Long Does Debt Stay On Your Credit Report?
January 13, 2022
Learn about the different types of debt, how long debt remains on your credit report and what to do to fix negative information on your credit report.
Why Did My Credit Score Drop?
January 10, 2022
Find out the common factors that can cause your credit score to decrease, as well as what you can do to improve your credit score in this TDECU blog post.
What is Credit Repair?
January 6, 2022
Is your credit in disarray? TDECU has some advice to help you improve or correct your credit score.
Six Tips for Paying Off Credit Card Debt Fast
December 30, 2021
Do you have credit card debt? These six tips from TDECU will help you pay it off and get out from under credit card debt in no time.
Day After Christmas Shopping Offers Great Deals
December 26, 2021
Find out how to save by shopping the day after Christmas for great deals on everything from small appliances to winter clothes.
Do Collection Agencies Report to Credit Bureaus?
December 22, 2021
Our experts explain when collection agencies report debt to credit bureaus, how collections impact your credit, and how to handle collections problems.
Cosigning and Credit
December 20, 2021
Learn what it means to cosign a loan and how it affects your credit. Understand the financial risks associated with cosigning and how to do it safely.
When Do Collections Fall Off Your Credit Report?
December 17, 2021
Learn about the impact of collections on your credit report, how long they affect your credit score, and ways to remove them from your credit history.
How to Fix a Closed Credit Card Account
December 15, 2021
Learn how a closed credit card account affects your credit score and what you can do to fix any negative impact it may have.
8 Tips to Stay on Track with Your Holiday Budgeting
December 10, 2021
It's hard to believe we are already approaching the end of another year, and the holiday season is beginning. Here are eight tips to help you start the New Year holiday debt-free from holiday spe...
A New Way to Use TDECU's iOS App with the Apple Watch
November 5, 2021
Learn about how you can use your Apple Watch with TDECU Digital Banking to see your account balance and more.
Car Loans and Your Credit
August 27, 2021
Does a car loan inquiry hurt your credit? Does paying off a car loan help your credit? Our experts answer common questions about car loans and credit.
How to Start Building Credit
August 25, 2021
Learn how to build credit with no credit history, regardless of whether you are a teen or an adult, so that you can set yourself up for financial success.
What Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Is Too High?
August 24, 2021
Learn about the factors that lenders consider when determining the APR on a loan, and what rate you can expect to get and what APR is too high.
Should You Rent or Buy? Why Owning a Home is the Best Option
July 23, 2021
Wondering whether to rent or buy a home? This blog will help you ask the questions you need answers to so you can start to build personal wealth.
Cash $tash: TDECU's Revolving Credit Line
July 21, 2021
Do you need a way to access cash quickly? Try TDECU's revolving line of credit. It has lower interest rate than a credit card and requires no collateral.
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