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COVID-19 Solution Center for Business

Help with SBA Loans and Other Coronavirus Financial Solutions

If your business is faced with financial hardship due to COVID-19, we are providing the following solutions in conjunction with the Small Business Administration (SBA).
TDECU is here to help you with these programs, to learn more contact your TDECU Commercial Loan Team at (800) 839-1154, Ext. 4618 or via email at

SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
Round 2 Funding

January 14, 2021

You may have heard that the next round of funding for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) opened January 11th. However, that date for starting the application process was only for smaller lenders. TDECU is anticipating launching the digital application portal for both First Draw and Second Draw borrowers sometime during the week of January 19th. Please check back during this week, and the instructions for accessing the portal will be available on this page.

Remember that if you participated in Round 1 of the PPP program, this round of funding is going to be significantly different than it was previously.

  1. The SBA will be underwriting and approving these loans via the electronic portal mentioned above.
  2. The approval process will take on average 4-7 days once all of the application documents are received by TDECU.
  3. If you are not currently a member of TDECU, please contact your local Member Center to schedule an appointment to open your account.

TDECU stands ready to serve you in this difficult time.

Small Business Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) – Loan Forgiveness

Updated: 08/10/2020

Thank you for entrusting TDECU with your recent SBA Paycheck Protection Program loan. We hope you and your employees are all safe and healthy during this difficult time. TDECU assisted you in the funds application process and we will remain by your side during the forgiveness process as well.

At this time, you may have seen that the SBA and Treasury have published two versions of the application (a short form 3508-EZ and a standard 3508-long form). It is anticipated that 90% of all applicants will qualify to use the 3508-EZ form. You can download the instructions for these two forms below:

SBA Form 3508 (Long Form)

SBA Form 3508-EZ (Short Form)

In late June, the SBA and Treasury amended the covered period for use of proceeds from 8 to 24 weeks from the date of your loan funding, allowing borrowers more time to utilize funds and apply for forgiveness, and therefore if you have not utilized your funds within the initial 8 week period, you have some extra time.

TDECU is offering our PPP borrowers access to a secure online portal available to assist you in completing your application and providing the required supporting documentation. Once you are ready to apply for forgiveness, please contact one of our representatives at to start the process. As part of granting access to the portal and to protect the security of your information we will be using a multi-factor authentication process which will require that you provide your TDECU representative a cell phone number to receive your authentication code.

Best Practices to increase likelihood of forgiveness:

  • Download and read the instructions for the SBA Form 3508 Application for Forgiveness (above).
  • Use loan proceeds only for the eligible uses listed above.
  • Retain your supporting documents (payroll records, receipts, cancelled checks, etc.) for at least six years.
  • Do not co-mingle funds. Keep your PPP loan proceeds in a separate account designated for payroll or PPP uses of funds.
  • Retain your number of full time employee headcount.
  • Maintain the salaries and wages of your employees at pre-Covid levels.
  • If you cannot re-hire your furloughed or laid-off employees, you must make a good faith effort to rehire them (Ex: extend a written offer and receive a rejection).

SBA Express Loan Program

TDECU SBA Express loans are a simple way to receive expedited government-guaranteed financing for your small business due to financial hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Until December 31, 2020, businesses can be granted up to $1,000,000 of capital.

Since TDECU is a Preferred Lender with the SBA;

    • Your loan can be approved in as little as 10 days vs. 20+ days for a traditional SBA 7(a) loan
    • TDECU can process your loan application and provide loan documents without having to obtain SBA approval
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