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Identity Theft Recovery Services

Identity Theft Recovery Services

Think you don’t need identity theft protection? Think again.

Identity theft is consistently the number one complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. Rampant data breaches, affecting millions of records, are putting consumers at great risk of identity theft. It can happen to anyone—regardless of your age and income, where you live, or how careful you are.

Restoring your identity on your own can be time-consuming and stressful. After a while, some people give up, leaving them contend with the aftermath of identity theft for years to come, including fraudulent bills, collections activity, damaged credit and even criminal records.

TDECU is delighted to provide Identity Theft Recovery Services as an added benefit to all High-Yield Checking Account and Forward Checking Account Members at no cost.

If you suspect identity theft, or if your personal information becomes compromised, you will be assigned a professional, certified and licensed Recovery Advocate that can complete the recovery work on your behalf, report progress along the way, and be there for you until your good name is restored – no matter how long it takes!

This service covers all types of identity fraud, even if it is not related to your account(s) with TDECU! Types of identity fraud covered include: credit/debit card fraud, tax fraud, employment fraud, government documents and benefits fraud, medical fraud, and any other identity fraud recognized by the Federal Trade Commission. (Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for details.)

Additionally, if you have an important document that has been lost, stolen or destroyed as a result of an identity theft incident or information compromise, your Recovery Advocate will work with you to replace your missing documents, including credit cards. Your Recovery Advocate will also work with you to contact creditors, cancel the compromised information, and obtain replacement documents.

To learn more, contact a TDECU Member Care representative at (800) 839-1154.

Get the benefits of High-Yield Checking!

TDECU is federally insured by NCUA. Identity theft recovery services offered through NXG Strategies are not deposits, not NCUA insured, and not guaranteed by TDECU.
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