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Visa Purchase Alerts

Visa Purchase Alerts

Real-time alerts to protect your debit card transactions

You can help prevent fraud. Check out our fraud prevention tips.

Take control of the security of your TDECU Visa® Debit Card

Keep tabs on your account anytime, anywhere. Visa Purchase Alerts, powered by Visa, helps you monitor your spending and detect fraudulent debit card activity. Plus, the service is FREE to TDECU debit cardholders.

Why are purchase alerts helpful?

Quick updates

With Visa Purchase Alerts, you can receive a text message or email shortly after your Visa debit card has been used. So, if there is fraudulent activity, you'll be notified and can act quickly to stop the situation. It's a unique benefit that most alert services do not offer.

Customized and near real-time alerts

Customize your Visa debit card transaction alerts to fit your needs:
  • For purchases over a specified dollar amount
  • For purchases made online, over the phone or through the mail
  • Outside the United States

Detailed information

Receive transaction specifics within each alert, including:
  • Purchase amount (if available)
  • Merchant name and location (if available)
  • The last four digits of the Visa debit card used

Peace of mind

Gain confidence as you take control of your account with transaction alerts delivered via:
  • Text messages on your mobile phone
  • Email on your computer or mobile phone
  • Both text and email for added security and convenience

Visit the Visa website to enroll your cards.

Start enjoying more protection and peace of mind with Visa Purchase Alerts.