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Some of our Members are currently experiencing email, phone, or text-based scams. This is called Phishing and is a fraudulent attempt to obtain your personal information. If you receive a suspicious email or text message, please do not respond, click links or open attachments. Call us at (800) 839-1154 or forward the suspicious email or text to - read more.


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Deleting Sensitive Data From a Computer
September 20, 2016
The best way to avoid fraud - and to make sure no one gets your deleted files - is to wipe the drive completely. Learn how to delete your sensitive data.
Recognizing Email Scams: Phishing and Spam
September 13, 2016
Email is an easy way to communicate with anyone around the world. It is also a powerful tool in the fraudsters arsenal to get your personal information.
Why You Should Pass on Public WiFi
September 9, 2016
Free WiFi. It's everywhere: coffee shops, retail stores, and restaurants. It is convenient, but don't get caught in a blind spot when it comes to privacy.
Ways to Minimize Your Exposure to a Data Breach
September 2, 2016
What are you to do when it comes to protecting yourself from having your information stolen? Here are some tips to minimize your vulnerability.
What To Do If Your Wallet or Purse is Stolen
August 19, 2016
Swift action at this point will help minimize your vulnerability. Our list will help keep your identity and valuables safer and make reporting your loss easier.
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