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Skip the payment and be merry.

Winter Skip-a-Pay from TDECU

With all the shopping, traveling, parties and the feasts – the holiday season can be so much fun, but the costs can really add up. That’s why TDECU’s Winter Skip-a-Pay is here, giving you the opportunity to skip your December loan payment.

This special skip-a-pay offer is our way of saying thank you for putting your trust in TDECU. So, go ahead – skip your December loan payment and then relax, be merry and enjoy the season!

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Call Member Care at (800) 839-1154 or visit your nearest Member Center to ensure we have your most current email address on file.

Hurry – you must enroll by December 11, 2019!

Skip your December loan payment
Winter Skip-a-Pay from TDECU

Skip-a-Pay requests must be received five days prior to loan payment due date. Offer can be accepted by using the main account holder's information on the loan. You received this offer because all your TDECU accounts are current and in good standing. If we find you no longer meet these criteria upon evaluation of your completed Skip-a-Pay request, this offer will be withdrawn. If we are unable to process your Skip-a-Pay request, you will receive a notice in the mail. Skip-a-Pays are good for one month's payment (e.g., one monthly payment, two bi-weekly or semi-monthly payments or four weekly payments). Your deferred payment will be due after your loan's last originally scheduled payment. By deferring your payment, the total amount you pay back will be more than the amount originally disclosed to you because interest continues to accrue at the interest rate in effect at that time on the unpaid balance of your loan. Skip-a-Pay transactions may affect GAP Insurance coverage. See your GAP Insurance contract for details. This offer excludes Real Estate loans, Parent/Student Survival loans, Tuition loans, Business loans, Mastercard® and VISA® Credit Card accounts, loans with Collateral Protection Insurance, loans with origination dates on or after April 29, 2019, single-pay, lump sum, maturity/residual loans, accounts that have had a loan extension within the past twelve months, and loans with origination dates on or prior to October 29, 2014, with the exception of Lines of Credit.

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