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Falcon Fraud Protection

15,000 calculations performed every time you swipe your card

Everything you need to know about Falcon Fraud Protection

TDECU works with Falcon Fraud to provide added security to all of your credit and debit card transactions. Falcon Fraud provides world-class, award-winning technology to detect and prevent fraud. With Falcon Fraud, fraudulent activity can be stopped before you become aware of it.

Any time suspicious activity occurs; Falcon Fraud will immediately contact you to verify the suspicious charge. Having Falcon Fraud as an added security measure greatly reduces your risk of credit and debit card fraud.

Falcon Fraud speed comparison chart

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign up for Falcon Fraud Protection?

No. TDECU provides all Members this valuable service to monitor and secure your transactions free of charge. You do not need to enroll or call to sign up.

How do I know Falcon Fraud is working on my accounts?

Falcon Fraud conducts over 15,000 calculations in milliseconds when your card is swiped to detect any potential fraud and is working 24/7. If there is suspicion of fraud, Falcon Fraud will contact you immediately to verify your identity and make sure the charges are legitimate. It is very important to store Falcon Fraud’s phone number in your phone.

What if I miss a call from Falcon Fraud?

If you miss the call from Falcon Fraud, they will leave a message with call-back information. If a charge is highly suspect for fraud, they will immediately suspend activity on your card. This has saved people thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges.

Will I be asked to provide private information to Falcon Fraud?

No, Falcon Fraud will never ask for social security numbers or other sensitive information. Instead, they will verify your address. Please be sure to maintain and update your address with TDECU to avoid any confusion. If your address or phone number has changed, please call Member Care at 800-839-1154.

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