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Real-Time Transactions

Real-Time Transactions

Better, safer and faster movement of your money.

At TDECU, we’re here to deliver a convenient, on-demand experience for your financial life. Methods for moving money have evolved into the same real-time transaction solutions you’re used to in everyday life, such as making connections, downloading music and managing travel. Float time is going away and we are moving toward near real-time account balances. You will enjoy an enhanced Member Experience with a better, safer and faster movement of your money – including up-to-date transaction activity and balances within your accounts.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Online bill payments and purchase transactions – including those made in stores using checks, a debit card or a store brand card – may appear in your account the same day you make a purchase.
  • Checks written and presented to TDECU will appear in your account throughout the day.
  • Deposits may appear in your account the same day you receive online store refunds, insurance claim settlements and transfers from friends.

As funds will be moving faster in and out of your account, be sure to review your account activity frequently to ensure no discrepancies are found.

How should you prepare for these changes?

  • Be aware of faster clearing times: You should not assume there will be a delay in payments clearing your account, even if there has been a delay in the past. Faster payments may result in the loss of ‘float time’ you may be accustomed to.
  • Monitor account balances carefully: You should be extra diligent in keeping track of your available account balance. We recommended you keep a standing balance in your account to cover any items that may clear faster than expected.
  • Review any automatically scheduled payments: You should take the time to review any automated payments you currently have scheduled because you may need to adjust payment dates to better align with payments possibly clearing faster.
  • Take Advantage of TDECU’s Overdraft Protection Services: These services can serve as a “safety net” and help protect your checking account from becoming overdrawn as you become accustomed to how faster payment processing will impact your finances.

Visit your nearest Member Center or call Member Care at 1-800-839-1154 with any questions.

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