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Customizable Online/Mobile Banking Alerts

Stay on top of your finances

Did you know you can set up customizable alerts for almost any activity? Receive a text, call, secure message or email when important events occur in your accounts.


  • Balance alerts can keep you from overdrawing your account, saving you from spending beyond your means.
  • You'll know when deposits and credits are posted to your account, making budgeting easier.
  • Alerts reduce the impact of fraud and identity theft by letting you know as soon as transactions occur.

How to Set Up Alerts Video

Types of Alerts

  • Security Alerts - Receive an alert when an incorrect password is entered, when preferences are changed, when your password is changed and more.
  • Online Transaction Alerts - Receive an alert when an external transfer, funds transfer or stop payment is processed.
  • Account Alerts - Receive an alert when an account balance falls below or exceeds a threshold and more.
  • History Alerts - Receive an alert when there is a debit or credit to your account, when a transaction with a specific description occurs and more.
  • Date Alerts - Remind yourself of birthdays, anniversaries, travel or other date-based events.
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