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Comprehensive Member Center Services at TDECU

Comprehensive Member Center Services at TDECU

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If you need a reliable notary public to witness and authenticate your important documents, or a secure place to store your valuable items such as jewelry, important paperwork, or cherished momentos, look no further! The TDECU Member Center is your ultimate destination. Visit us today and explore the comprehensive range of Member services available for your convenience.1

Services Offered2

Cashier's Checks

Unlock the flexibility of TDECU official checks, which are widely recognized as cashier's checks. Embrace the convenience of using them as an alternate payment option for products and services.

Money Orders

Money orders come to the rescue when personal checks are not accepted, or you desire a secure payment method. With their cash-like functionality, money orders hold nationwide validity. The maximum amount for a single money order purchase is $1,000.

Notary Services

At each TDECU Member Center, you will find certified notary publics who possess a comprehensive understanding of notary public law. They take pride in providing free-of-charge notarization services for your document.

Medallion Signature Guarantees

Select Member Centers offer a medallion signature guarantee, a specialized signature required exclusively for the transfer of securities. This service is provided at no cost to Members. We kindly advise you to schedule an appointment for seamless assistance. Available at select locations3.

Wire Transfers

A wire transfer serves as a reliable and convenient means to transfer funds between your TDECU account and accounts held at other financial institutions. This electronic transaction ensures the utmost privacy and security. To receive funds in your account, provide our routing and transit number: 313185515.

Cross Account Transfers

While completing it through our Telephone Banking System or TDECU Digital banking may save you a trip, it is easy to transfer funds across accounts at any TDECU Member Center.
1Membership required to obtain products or services
2Fees may apply
3 Available at Lake Jackson, Brazoria, Pasadena Preston, Houston Greenway, Sugar Land, Katy Cinco Ranch, Woodlands Research Forest, Hallettsville, and Victoria Rio Grande locations.
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