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Auto Buying Calculators

Estimate your auto financing options
Before you purchase your next vehicle, let TDECU help you make the right car purchase to meet both your style and budget.  We are pleased to offer our valued credit union Members a wide variety of financial resources and self-help tools, including our auto loan calculator. We also have auto calculators that can help decide whether or not to make additional car payments to pay off your car loan early. Shopping for auto rebates or considering a lease option? We have calculators for that too.

Not sure where to start? Try out our car loan calculators below!

Choosing the right car with the right loan payment for you.

Unless you're purchasing a car with cash, you're going to have a monthly payment for the car you drive. This is true for both financed auto purchases and leased vehicles. If you finance a new car or used car, your monthly car loan payment will include amortization, which means you will be paying on both the interest and the principal amount until you pay off the total loan.  

The total purchase price of your car will include sales tax and any dealer related fees is applicable. Be sure to ask about fees before you purchase. Your loan amount will be based on the total purchase price of the car. Your monthly payment will then be calculated by the length of the loan term, plus the interest rate that you qualified for, less any down payment

No matter what type of vehicle you're purchasing, be sure to choose a monthly car payment that you can afford along with any other regular living expenses.

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