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Articles tagged with "Retirement"

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Retirement Planning Throughout Life: Strategies to Keep in Mind
August 11, 2020
Why wait to start planning for retirement? Whether you're in your 50s or just starting your career, establishing goals and strategies can bring you one step closer to financial independence. Here's...
Changing Jobs. What Should I Do With the Money in My Plan?
July 2, 2020
During these uncertain times, changing jobs is something a lot of people are having to face and with that comes some questions. What should you do with the money in your retirement plan? Here are ...
5 Big Problems to Solve Before You Retire
December 30, 2019
If you want your money to last, if you want to live comfortably in your 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond, you should consider some common concerns, including:
8 Steps for Pre-Retirees to Pursue Retirement Income
December 27, 2019
Now that you've officially joined the ranks of pre-retirees — people who are around five or ten years away from retiring — you probably have a much better idea of what you want. It's time to put th...
Where Should Retirement Fit In with Your Financial Goals in Your 30s?
May 21, 2019
Once you turn 30, retirement savings are a financial goal that should start moving toward the top of your to-do list. Here’s how to balance this with your other financial priorities.
Need to Roll Over Your 401(k)? Follow These Five Steps
February 28, 2019
You’ve come to a fork in your career path and made a choice, one that means you will soon leave your current job—and the 401(k) that comes with it—in the rearview mirror. Whether you’re moving on t...
Is Your Company's Retirement Plan a Good One?
February 19, 2019
Is your company’s retirement plan a good one? Here’s the type of plan and contribution you should be looking for from an employer.
How to Make Retirement Planning a Year-Round Commitment
February 14, 2019
Nearly half of Americans believe that a comfortable retirement is not in their future. Sound like you? Change your mindset by learning how to make a year-round commitment to retirement.
IRS Raises Retirement Plan Contribution Limits for 2019
February 12, 2019
This past November, the IRS announced that it would increase the contribution limits for a wide variety of retirement accounts in 2019. Here’s what you need to know and what you should do about it.
Unique Retirement Planning Challenges for Women
February 7, 2019
Concerns about retirement can be even greater for women, who face unique challenges when planning their retirement years. Learn more about these challenges here and how you can overcome them.
Seven Tips to Avoid Running Out of Money in Retirement
February 5, 2019
There is a universal question shared by everyone who enters retirement—will I have enough money to support myself for the rest of my life? Here are seven tips to avoid running out of money in retir...
Four Tax-Savvy Withdrawal Strategies in Retirement
January 31, 2019
Taxes rank with healthcare as one of your biggest potential retirement expenses. Here are four tax-savvy withdrawal strategies you can use in retirement.
Is Early Retirement a Realistic Dream?
January 29, 2019
For many, retirement is a rich, golden sunset on the horizon. And some may not want to wait until age 65 to get there. Read our latest post to find out if early retirement can be a realistic dream.
3 Ways Annuities Can Fit into Your Retirement
January 24, 2019
Do your retirement savings seem unpredictable? Annuities are an investment option that can bring a sense of security that at least one portion of your retirement income safely waits for you.
Five Common Annuity Myths to Know When Saving for Retirement
January 10, 2019
Complicated. Expensive. Unnecessary. These are just some of the ways that the general public perceives annuities. In our latest article, we explore five common myths associated with annuities and d...
Smart 401(k) Withdrawal Strategies
January 3, 2019
As retirement age draws near—and with the recent increase to contribution limits—now is the ideal time to consider smart strategies for drawing from your 401(k).
6 Ways to Save for Retirement (Even if You're Behind)
December 27, 2018
Did you know almost half of Americans age 45 to 65 consider themselves behind on their retirement planning? Here are six ways you can start saving for retirement (even if you’re behind).
How Do I Know I'm Saving Enough to Retire?
December 18, 2018
Are you worried that you may not have enough money for retirement? Find out here how much you should be saving.
How to Implement a Dynamic Retirement Spending Strategy
December 13, 2018
You don’t want to outlive your retirement funds, but you also don’t want to spend too little and miss out on making memories. Learn how to put a dynamic retirement spending strategy in place so you...
The Top 7 Things You Need to Know When Investing for Retirement
December 11, 2018
Most people know they need to be investing for retirement, but they don’t know the nuts and bolts of how to invest. Here are the top seven things you need to know when investing for retirement.
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