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TDECU Wealth Advisors

Wes Garner

Wes Garner, CRPC
Principal Wealth Strategist
(281) 269-8669

Wes possesses unwavering passion to provide meaningful solutions for his team and clients, which leads him to dig deep in understanding their needs and wants.

He excels at a skill that cannot be taught or certified, caring about his team and clients like family.

Wes leads a proactive Wealth Management team backed by a deep bench of specialists focused on financial planning, investment management and asset protection. However, it is not just about market risk, taxes and inflation. It’s about planning for your life and what is important to you. Wes is dedicated to empowering clients to gain control of their financial livelihood and enabling them to take the necessary steps to manage their goals.

The need for objective financial advice has never been greater. TDECU Wealth Advisors provides transparency, accountability, and dedication to every client we partner with

Wes spent the last 17 years in the Wealth Management industry helping people work through the complex issues of financial planning and investment management. He has served in both advisor and senior leadership roles within wealth management divisions from credit unions to high net worth focused private banks.

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