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Security and Fraud Information

Some Members have reported receiving emails claiming to be from TDECU.

Received a Suspicious Email, Text or Phone Call?

If you've received a suspicious TDECU email, text, phone call or have visited a suspicious website, immediately send the information to

Recognizing a Suspicious Email

Be on the lookout for fraudulent emails which attempt to collect your personal information (known as "phishing" scams).

TDECU may contact you by email from time to time. However, we will never request:

  • personal and/or account related information or
  • ask you to verify your credentials via:
    • e-mail
    • unrequested telephone call
    • text message

Below is an example of a fraudulent email.

Phishing Email Example

Visit our security and fraud center to get more tips, tools and advice to better protect yourself.

Security and fraud tips, tools and advice to help protect you

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