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Savings Accounts for Your Children - M3 Money Club Account

Are your kids saving their nickels and dimes? Do they know the value of a dollar? Introducing a super easy way to raise money-smart kids!

Let’s face it, fun and profitable financial education for kids can be difficult to find. At TDECU, we help our members raise money-smart savers.

Kids as young as 4 will enjoy watching the interest grow on their own money with an M3 Money Club Account.

Whether they choose to invest part of their weekly allowance, tooth fairy rewards or birthday and holiday gifts, your kids can open their very own savings account with your help-with a deposit of only $5.00.

To apply for the M3 Kids Club, contact Member Care at 800-839-1154 or bring your children to any TDECU Member Center.


To make sure saving money is both fun and profitable for kids aged 4 to 12, M3 Money Club Accounts come with the following benefits:
  • M3 membership card bearing the child’s name, photo and member number
  • M3 Newsletter sent semi-annually to all members and filled with jokes, games and activities to make financial learning fun
  • M3 website access providing full interactive learning experiences that foster creativity
  • Quarterly drawings that feature special awards for M3 Money Club Member
  • An interest bearing savings account so kids can watch their money grow
  • Special Certificate of Deposit program with a low opening deposit of $100 to teach kids about longer term investments

Opening a M3 Money Club Account is simple. Membership is free, and parents can easily transfer funds into a child’s account using online banking.

For additional information, download the M3 Welcome Newsletter.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact Member Care at 800-839-1154 or bring their children to any TDECU Member Center. Let us help your child become money savvy at an early age.

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