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Shared Branches

What you need to know before visiting a shared branch

Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation, if you plan to visit a shared branch please call the shared branch credit union to verify hours and availability.

Information regarding shared branches

TDECU offers the benefit of shared branches to all Members who may not have access to a nearby TDECU Member Center. With shared branching, you’ll have access to your accounts and the ability to make deposits, withdrawals, transfers and account inquiries at a location that is convenient to you.

If you are looking to deposit a check, you can have your funds faster by using the TDECU Digital Banking app. Get started with mobile check deposit!

Requirements for shared branch transactions

For your protection, you will need the following information to perform transactions:

  • VALID form of identification.
    • Please note: All valid forms of ID must be current (not expired) and include a photo and signature.
    • Accepted forms of identification include:
      • Valid State-issued Driver’s License or Identification Card US and Canada
      • Undocumented Federally Restricted Driver’s License
      • Valid Passport, US or issued by a foreign country if authenticity can be verified.
      • Valid Permanent Resident Card or Resident Alien Card
      • S. Military Card ID (Active Duty Personnel ID will have no signature. Can use expired state ID or DL with US military ID with the smart chip).
      • Valid Matricula Consular ID card
      • Texas Concealed Handgun License (Texas Shared Branches Only)
    • Last 4-digits of the member’s or joint owner’s Social Security number.
    • Complete address
    • Your member number and complete account and/or loan number
      • You can retrieve your account number from Digital Banking. Simply log in to Digital Banking, select the account you are interested in and select Details next to the search field. The account number will be displayed.

Joint and non-Member transactions

Joint relationships on Member Accounts: You will only be able to transact on the account on which you have a joint relationship.

Non-Members: You may make deposits that do not involve cash back and make loan payments. You will be required to present one of the acceptable forms of ID listed above and sign for the transaction.


Cash Withdrawals: Cash withdrawal limits are set by the shared branch. However, shared branches are required to make available a minimum of $500 in cash, per member, per day, based on fund availability in the account.

Check Withdrawals: Check withdrawals of more than $10,000 will be verified with TDECU via phone.

Deposit availability

Fund availability after cashing a check is based on the policy of the shared branch. If you need funds within five days of depositing your check, you should download the TDECU Digital Banking app to use Mobile Check Deposit or visit your nearest TDECU Member Center.

Check deposits

Checks must meet the following requirements:

  • Checks must have proper endorsements
  • Checks must be payable to the member or joint owner
  • Checks must not be a third-party item or contain restrictive endorsements
  • Checks must be payable in US Funds from a US financial institution
  • Checks must not be a collection item
  • Checks must not be drawn from the member’s account or joint account at TDECU
  • Jointly payable income tax refund checks will be accepted only if both parties are present, endorse the checks in the presence of the teller and have valid ID.

Additional considerations for check deposits:

  • Shared branches will not cash checks.
  • Check deposits cannot be split into more than one account.
  • A high volume check fee of $0.20 per item may be assessed when more than fifteen checks are presented.

Do I have to join the shared branch’s credit union?

No, a shared branch may not solicit you to join their credit union.


Please take the following into consideration to determine if shared branching will meet your needs.

  • You cannot make mortgage payments at shared branches.
  • Shared branches may refuse to perform transactions for members who have committed fraud or are disruptive to other members.
  • Not all shared branches will complete change of address requests. Please contact the shared branch ahead of time to ensure this service is offered.
  • Shared branches can only process transactions in-person. I.e. no phone transactions are permitted.

If you experience an issues at one of our shared branches, please contact us at 800-839-1154.

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