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Save Time When You Go from Mailbox to Inbox 

No more waiting on the post office to deliver your statement. You'll receive an email each month as soon as your statement is ready to be viewed.    

It's Safer Than Paper

Not only does it take more time for you to receive your paper statement, it can be delivered to the wrong address, taken from your trash or stolen from your mailbox. An e-Statement gives you secure online access to your statements behind password protected systems. 

It's the Green Thing to Do 

Save money. Save trees. From the cost-savings seen by TDECU – Your Credit Union and passed along to our members, to the reduced environmental impact of switching from paper delivery to an e-Statement, making the switch seems like an easy call!

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Access Your e-Statement

There are two convenient ways to access e-Statements. Online Banking users can access e-Statements by signing into Online Banking. E-Statement users not enrolled in Online Banking can access e-Statements through our e-Document site.

View e-Statements Using Online Banking

  • ONLINE BANKING USERS: Click here to log in to Online Banking, visit or access your accounts by using our TDECU Mobile App. Select the "Services" menu item, then choose "eStatement".

    NOTE: If you are opting to use our legacy Online Banking platform, you will need to select the Accounts menu and then eStatement to enroll.

View e-Statements Using the e-Document Site

  • NEW USERS: Your e-Statement user name is your TDECU member number and should be used to log into the system. We have assigned your initial password as the last six digits of your social security number. You will be prompted to change your password when you log in for the first time.

    RETURNING USERS: Please log in using your TDECU member number as your user name and enter the password you have already selected.

    To view your e-Statement using the e-Document site, click here.


Q. I currently receive paper statements, how do I switch to e-Statements?

A. Simply click the enroll button above. You will need to log in using your member number as your username and the last six digits of your Social Security Number (or TIN) as your password. You will then be prompted to agree to the e-Statement disclosure. Agree by entering your email address. Additionally, if you are an Online/Mobile Banking user you can enroll by selecting the e-Statements option in Online/Mobile Banking under the Services menu. Once selected, a consent screen will be presented where you can consent to e-Statements and begin viewing them online immediately.

NOTE: If you are opting to use our legacy Online Banking platform, you will need to select the Accounts menu and then eStatement to enroll.

Q. Will the new e-Statement system look any different? 

A. Yes. You'll notice an updated look in the new system.

Q. How will I know when my e-Statement is ready?

A. An email notification will be sent each month when your statement is ready to be viewed. Simply click on the link in the email to access the login screen.  

Q. What username and password will I need to enter to view my e-Statement?

A. Your username is your member number and your default password is the last 6 digits of your Social Security Number or EIN. You will be prompted to change your password on initial login. If you are an Online/Mobile Banking user, you can simply select e-Statement from the Services menu—no additional sign in required!

Q. How far back will I be able to access e-Statements?

A. e-Statements dating back to January 2015 are available.

Q. Why am I having issues viewing e-Statements on my mobile device/computer?

A. Your selected e-Statement will appear in a new Internet browser window. This means you must allow for browser pop-ups in the Internet browser used on your computer and/or mobile device. Please note: e-Statements are currently not available on Android devices when attempting to view them through TDECU’s mobile app. We hope to have this issue resolved very soon.

Enroll in Online Banking

Click here to enroll in Online Banking. After enrollment, you may view e-Statements from Online Banking.

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