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Transfer your High-Interest Credit Card Balances to a TDECU Credit Card Today!

Take these simple steps to get started:

  1. Visit or call 877.404.1009 to verify your current balance. If you’d like to increase your credit limit, speak with one of our Member Champions at 800.839.1154.
  2. Transfer your balance.

Don’t have a TDECU credit card? No problem. Apply for one today!

It’s that simple! Begin your journey to financial independence with TDECU.

15 cents off gas with any TDECU credit card.

The credit union, on your behalf, will authorize payments to be sent to your creditors to pay off your balances as you request. By signing the attached balance transfer certificate, you authorize TDECU to pay the specific company for the amount you indicate. The transfer request option takes approximately three (3) weeks to process. Therefore, you may still need to make a payment to keep your account(s) current. It is also important to monitor the account statement after the transfer of balance is processed for charges and finance charges posted after the account closing date. TDECU will not be responsible for remaining balance(s) or additional charges with regard to such account(s) nor for any charges or finance charges resulting in any delay in the payment of balances. Balance transfers cannot be used on existing TDECU credit card balances or TDECU loan balances. Offer excludes TDECU’s Onyx, Family, and Business credit cards.

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