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Each year, floods cause millions of dollars of damage across the United States. However, most homeowners’ insurance policies do not include flood damage in their coverage guidelines.  Depending on where you live, it may be advisable…and in some cases, mandated that you secure an additional flood insurance policy.  

Flood Insurance Policies

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Tax season has come and gone, Spring blossoms have bloomed and summer is just around the corner! This means it’s your last chance to conduct a “Spring Clean-up.”  This not only includes the traditional home refresh but should also include taking another look at your finances.  Regarding your home, think about reorganizing to give your home a fresh look. Many people do a Spring-cleaning every year; they donate or throw away items they no longer need, conduct a thorough cleaning and redecorate so that their home can become a source of pride and joy. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin. Making lists and creating an action plan can help your cleaning and organizing go more smoothly than it has in the past. 

For your finances, we’ve put together a few ideas below to ensure everything is in order before the summer arrives. Happy fresh start!

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Now that summer has truly arrived, you, your family and your friends are probably thinking of ways to have some fun in the sun. Since eating together is one of the most popular social events, why not move the meal outdoors and have a picnic? It's one of the easiest ways to really celebrate the season. 

A successful picnic requires some thoughtful pre-planning, and you'll want to grab a pen & paper or your smart phone to record everything you'll need to bring along; aside from the grub and suds. 

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It’s wedding season and couples are about to embark on a lifelong journey; one that begins with merging households and all that comes with it. This can be a stressful process but also a fun and exciting experience, for better or for worse. 

From Fiancé to Commingled Finances:

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Nobody wants to admit to being cheap. But just about everyone looks for ways to save money when they can. Trying to save money while dating, however, can make you look cheap if you do not do it right. Here are a few great inexpensive date ideas that will wow your date so much he or she won't even notice you didn’t shell out a lot of dough.

If this is the first date, or even one very early in your relationship, you should probably choose an activity that is not too unusual or intimate. Try one of these:

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