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Your Account Numbers May Change

Now that we have upgraded, all members will have a single, unique TDECU Member Number (currently referred to as your “Account Number”). This is a very common occurrence when financial institutions upgrade their computer systems. Another change with the upgrade is that each TDECU product you currently have will be assigned its own unique account number. Your new account numbers will be included on future statements. (The suffixes currently used to identify your accounts will be a thing of the past.)

Information you need to know about direct deposit and automatic drafts


If you currently have more than one account number, your entire suite of product accounts will be visible under your TDECU Member Number. That means that any and all of your accounts, like checking, savings, auto loans, IRA accounts, etc., will be visible in your online banking and mobile app consoles, and when accessing your account via Maxine (our new automated telephone banking system). It is important to know that if you continue to share your login and password information with anyone who is a joint owner on one or more of your accounts, they will be able to access and view all of your accounts unless you take action by calling Member Care or visiting your local Member Center. More information coming soon.

Where to Locate Your TDECU Statement and Account Numbers

As a reminder, each of your TDECU products has been assigned its own unique account number. Your new TDECU Account Numbers are located on your statement, under "Statement Summary".

Your TDECU Member Number can be found at the top of your Statement, under "Statement of Account" and is needed to access your accounts at our member centers, when logging into Online/Mobile Banking and when you call in to Maxine - our telephone banking system.

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