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Our Employees Champion Character

Together We Improve Lives - Be REAL & Do the Right Thing

The morning of September 25, an elderly couple had a flat tire in front of the Mortgage office.
They had called AAA to come change the tire for them, but AAA was delayed due to the inclement weather. The husband couldn't lift anything heavy and his wife was anxious about the situation. Enter the heroes of the day: Alan Standlee and Rocky Vibrock! They went above and beyond duty to help this couple by changing the tire for them so they could get on their way and out of the bad weather. The wife was so relieved to have help. The AAA call was cancelled and the sweet couple was very grateful for Alan and Rocky’s help. Way to be REAL, genuine and go the extra mile!

Character Page Stephanie

Together We Improve Lives - Put a mint on the pillow – Do the little extra that counts with enthusiasm

Our very own Cherlyn Ezell went above and beyond to assist an elderly member.
Cherlyn walked with her out of the branch, carrying her purse, and helped her get in her car. The member was very grateful and appreciative of her today AND everyday that she waits on her. Way to go Cherlyn!


Together We Improve Lives - Care Deeply and Help Each Other

In August, a member noticed the school supply drive in the Edna Branch lobby.

She asked if we could provide her niece, who was in need, with school supplies. We informed her that all the supplies go to Edna Elementary and she would be able to request supplies at the school. Edna Branch Manager, JoBeth Tieken offered the member a gently used backpack from her home. The member was very appreciative.

Together We Do More

At the University of Houston Member Center, we had a University of Houston employee come in to open an account with TDECU. While waiting to see a Member Champion, Ryan Palma overheard one of the University of Houston employees discussing a need for a notary to assist foreign students in acquiring their government issued ID's and driver’s licenses. She was talking to her co-worker noting that it was important for them to be able to provide assistance to these students. Ryan introduced himself and informed her that he and his team were more than happy to come to them once or twice a month for a group notary services session. Since then, she and Ryan have been in communication. And she has invited TDECU to come in and speak at their monthly department employee meetings. Proof that when we work together we achieve more!

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